2014 CUODA Dance Show

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Sales Info

This part is only accessible to registered and approved users of this website. You can view all the confirmed attendees to the show in the table below. You can also manually add attendees using the form here.
But by doing so you’ll be responsible for paying back the money for the tickets given to those people whom you are registering.
You can also remove an attendee, in case you’ve mistyped the details or the person can’t attend anymore.
But you’ll only be able to remove attendees added by you in the first place.
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} else { ?>

System closed

The online booking system has been closed. The admin should have compiled the booking list in Excel and sent it to relevant committee members. If you have added attendees here then expect somebody to contact you soon for payment.

In the Spring of 2014, Cambridge University Oriental Dance Association (CUODA) is proud to present our first annual Dance Show. Revolving around the wondrous theme ‘Silhouette’, new pieces span across a multitude of dance forms, from traditional to modern and fusion. This high-energy, provocative concert features a range of styles, including fan dance, sleeve dance, Dai dance, classical dance, contemporary, hip-hop, k-pop and tai chi. It will become a stage of creative expression, sensory enjoyment, and a vehicle for cultural celebration.
For CUODA, it is a perfect opportunity to engage with new audiences as well as to perform to our dance fans. Moreover, as an entirely student-directed show, it is designed to showcase student choreographers and dancers and has taken us months to prepare! Doubtless, it is going to be a spectacular night, so get your tickets quickly before the production sells out!


Venue: Howard Theatre, Downing College
Time: 27th Feb 7:00 pm


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We don’t use physical tickets for the show. All tickets are virtual and each of them is bound to a name when sold. The buyer is then required to bring an ID to the show for name verification.
If you have a debit/credit card or a Paypal account, you can purchase the ticket directly using the ‘Buy Now’ button below.
Remember: fill in the real name of the person whom you are buying for in the text box.
If any problem is met, or you’d like to pay by cash or bank transfer, email, Wechat @camb-cuoda, or approach one of our committee members/dancers.

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